Motorcycle Insurance

When to file a claim.

First - Who's Fault was it?
  • Other Party? turn in to their insurance
  • Deer? Thats typically COMP coverage because deer don't carry any.
  • Weather? Is also COMP./
Were you the AT-Fault Vehicle?

If you were at fault, then you probably need to turn in the claim.

But First... what was damaged?

  • Was it very minor? Like no damage?
  • Were there NO INJURIES?
  • Was it a single vehicle accident?

If all of that is true, you may want to talk to your agent first for some good advice!

This all depends of Who was at fault and then what type of Coverage you have.

If it was your fault and you hurt or damage someone else's property, Your Liability should come be triggered.

If your bike was damaged while it was moving, this would trigger your Collision Coverage.

If no one was at fault like a deer of some kind of weather event, this would fall under Comprehensive Coverage.

Remember, you would have needed to have purchased this coverage Before an accident.

Links to Initiate a Claim