Homeowners Insurance

When to file a claim.

When to turn in a claim immediatley
  • Any Fire
  • Major Damage
  • Any Injury
Factors to consider before starting claim
  • Deductible - Is the loss amount under or close?
  • Number of Previous Claims - Too many claims may have an impact on your policy
  • Is it covered under your policy
When in doubt, Call your agent first!

That is the ultimate quesiton!

What type of policy do you have?

What type of policy you have ultimatly determines if coverage is available.

The standard HO3 Homewners policy

The industry standard HO3 Homeowners polcy is a very powerfull contract. It covers the home for what perils will typicaly happen in a given area.

The home itself is covered for all type of Perils, and then it will exclude certain things like Flood or War among others.

The stuff inside your home is the opsite hoever. It is covered for "Named Peril" and therefore has much more restricted coverages.

When in doubt, Call your agent first!

Links to Initiate a Claim